10 Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Time in New York

~ As recent as last month (January) I traveled to New York with my bestfriend and absolutely loved the experience. We planned all the getaway by ourselves and it was my first time ever in New York. I must say we had only two bad experiences but nothing you can’t learn from for the next time.

First Tip: It’s important that if you’re traveling for a couple of days just like I did (January 5- January 9) you try to take the earliest flight on your first day and a midnight flight or close to midnight in your last day because you don’t loose those days of traveling in the airport, I did a lot of things on my first day just as in my last day and it was the best decision.

Second Tip: Also if you’re traveling for a small amount of days it’s preferable you travel with the least amount of people since you can have a fast pace and its easier to agree on which places you want to go if you’re not traveling with an established itinerary.

Third Tip: Metro is a good option but sometimes Uber or Lyft will do if you want to get to places faster. Imagine you are traveling to NY for the first time so its probable you have absolutely no clue on how the metro works and definitely you’ll like the experience but it will also take you more time since its a bit difficult at first to know whether you’re traveling uptown or downtown (if you take the wrong direction it will get you to the opposite side of your destination). So even though Metro is a cheaper option, if you’re traveling for a couple of days I suggest you try it but don’t depend on it if you have lots of places you’d like to go to.

Fourth Tip: Research on dangerous places before you arrive to your destination. One of the bad experiences I had is that I took an Uber with the carpool option (which is the uber driver picks up someone you don’t know but is in route to where you’re going) and my bff and I were going to Central Park around 6pm and when we were going to hop off the  the girl we were pooling with was like: “are you guys meeting someone?” and we were like “no” and then she told us of how dangerous the park was at night and if this girl wouldn’t have been on our ride we would have entered Central Park and could be raped, or robbed and definitely this is not the kind of experience you want in your trip since it can completely ruin it.

Fifth Tip: Try to establish a plan or itinerary of every day at least the night before or early morning, this will help you to not waste time while wandering around and not knowing where you’re heading to.

Sixth Tip: Don’t waste much time eating at restaurants, try to do fast foods or eat from the trucks since you will easily loose one hour or hour and a half while waiting for your food, etc. Obviously you will like to have a restaurant experience but don’t do it everyday believe me (I highly recommend Ellen’s Stardust Diner at Times Square since its a beautiful place, great service and great ambience)

Seventh Tip: Try to find a hotel near the center of the city since most of the times you can just walk to places (I did it almost every time). I was staying at the 3rd Ave. and 51st St. and I was like 15 min walk from the 5th Ave. and like 25 min from Times Square and believe me that 25 mins walking are nothing since you’re seeing all this skyscrapers and new places (it’s awesome)

Eight Tip: If you know a local, contact them. Ask them for non touristy spots and ask them how to get there, they will know exactly which train to take, where to stop and what is the best day to go, that way you you save time, get to see what no one does and get some amazing shots you won’t see everywhere.

Ninth Tip: Travel on low season ( January, February, May, late August, October) for example I traveled in January and I could take some beautiful shots in Times Squares since it was nearly empty, yes people… the city that never sleeps was nearly empty (I’ll show you some shots at the end)

Tenth Tip: If you’re not into shopping then don’t loose time on the stores since it takes a lot of valuable time and within “seconds” it’s been actually hours. You should definitely take a look at 5th Ave. and go to some stores but don’t do it everyday.

“Time is what we want Most but what we use Worst”

-William Penn


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