How I became a Traveler



I’ll start this post with a bit of my story. About 7 years ago I traveled with my family and 10 more people to Orlando, my first time in Disney. We were going with the family that was friends with mine, I was so excited since it was my second time traveling (the first was to Philadelphia for my moms Doctorate graduation) and also not only I was traveling for the second time but also I was going to see Mickey and all Disney for the first time in my life, how exciting right?

We were traveling for 14 days and well the day finally arrived, everything was going as planned and we were going to Epcot the second day. The day we went to Epcot I got into 2 or 3 rides and then I decided to enter this 4D movie theater called something like Honey I Shrunk the Audience, the ride involved this weird sensations like rats touching your toes and a dog licking you I mean it wasn’t something scary but for some reason that experience traumatized me; that day during the night I started shaking and couldn’t stop it so my family had to take me to the hospital (yes the second day in my dream vacations) they took 8 tubes of blood from me and everything seemed fine and they didn’t have an explanation for what I had. It wasn’t until 2012 that I knew  what I had.

During summer 2012 I had the same episode and again I had to go to the hospital to finally learn what I had. The doctors said I suffered from panic attacks, yes, all of the shaking and also heart rate increase was part of this panic attack episodes. This was the worst summer of my life since I couldn’t go out of the house without feeling asphyxiated without starting to shake and feeling uncomfortable. It all ended that summer since classes were starting on August and it was my Senior Year. Adding a parenthesis I knew I had to get over the panic attacks since on my school every year the senior trip is to Disney without parents, only classmates and 4 teachers so I knew there wasn’t going to be a sibling or parent to take care of me if I had an episode so I started researching on the topic and how could I get over it until I came across and Ebook that helped me overcome the anxiety (I’ll publish another blog post further on on how to overcome panic attacks so you can travel by yourself) At the end what I learned helped me get through every insecurity, I learned how to prepare myself for possible attacks and also earned mental abilities to”control”those electric impulses that trigger the panic attack. ‘Til today’s date 2017 I haven’t gone through another episode and have enjoyed my trips at the maximum.

So I told you a bit of my story but later on I’ll post on how get over panic attacks and even more details on How I became a Traveler.


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