Ways to Save Money when Booking a Flight

I’m a loyal believer that when you’re afraid you won’t save enough money to travel all you got to do is book the flight. It may sound a little bit contradictory but the thing is, after  you book the flight you know you either find the best and the more creative way to save money or start cutting budget on your expenses if you don’t you know you’ll loose the money you invested in the flight so that should be your motivation to save. After this been said I’ll tell you what I do to find the best deals to buy my flight ticket.

  • Start looking at the flights 6 months in advantage (if its not a flash trip), this will give you enough time to monitor the ups and downs in prices so you have an idea more or less of what you’ll be spending on the flight
  • After monitoring the prices have money available in your account so you can buy it when prices drop drastically.
  • Never stick to one app or one website to book your flight, research on every app you know and the others I’ll be pointing out right here until you find the best fit for your budget and obviously the cheaper option.
  • One of the apps I use to know more or less the dates that I should buy the ticket is Hopper this app tells you predictions about when the prices are expected to drop and when are they expected to rise so you have your limit date on when you should buy. (I use this app to predict but not to book).
  • The other app I use to check on prices of the flights is Hipmunk, this is a very good app on searching for the best flight deals out there.
  • A popular app on finding great deals is also SkyScanner, this one also lets you search for flights with the “Multi-City” option. What does this mean? Well if you figured out that for example you’re going to Vegas and one common stop from Puerto Rico is Fort Lauderdale, well this app lets you find extended layovers so you can enjoy the city you’re laying over in.
  • There’s also an app I recently discovered and I’m loving it called Kiwi, this app helps you find the best deals by combining different airlines on departure and return (if you’re not a loyal airline costumer of course), I must say that after I tried this one I’m so hooked with it.
  • I know of a lot of people that use Google Flights also, its not my personal top but I do know of people that have gotten pretty nice deals there.
  • It’s also said that if you book with departure on Tuesday then its cheaper but by my experience I can say that this is not always true, sometimes its cheaper Thursday or in the middle of the weekend it just depends on your destination.

If you have any other tip you have been using to get a cheaper flight don’t doubt to share it in the comments for our community.


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