Vegas before 21

Since I like to talk from my personal experience I must say that going to Vegas at 19 allowed me to do the non “touristy” activities and to appreciate beauty not only in “Vegas” but in the surroundings, Nevada in general and the states that border.

So to keep this post short I’d like to begin with the fact that 99.9% if not a 100% of hotels in Vegas have Casinos so just by entering the Hotels you’ll be able to walk through the Casinos and enjoy the view of every single one (just don’t stand next to a slot machine for more than 5 minutes because the employees will ask you to move lol)

There are some shows that are free for every type of public like the one in The Fountains of Bellagio, you’ll be able to see this amazing show from the hotel or from the other side of the road and the best of it is that during the day the show starts every 30 minutes and during the night every 15.

There is also a Volcano show at the Mirage Hotel which you can see from outside of the hotel.

On the other hand Vegas is well known for year round shows like Cirque Du Soleil, and concerts that you can search for before your arrival. THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING HAPPENING IN VEGAS

If you go after 18 but before 21 you can also do a Stripper show like me, I did The Aussie Heat (previously known as Aussie Hunks) and it was literally the best stripper show ever.

Some amusement activities you can do include riding the New York New York Rollercoaster, or going to Circus-Circus amusement park.

A must do is buying the Paris’ Eiffel Tower tour in which you can see all of the beautiful Strip from the 50-story replica of France’s most known attraction.

GO to the Freemont Street, which used to be the old Vegas and its absolutely beautiful and you get the vintage vibes.

At last I’d like to dedicate this post to some underrated places in Nevada that if you’re a nature lover you must definitely do, for example taking a Water Taxi in the Laughlin River and have a good time at Colorado Belle Hotel. Or for example visiting Boulder City in Nevada. Also there is a breathtaking place called Hoover Dam which is the second tallest dam of the US and its absolutely stunning (also located in the border of Nevada and Arizona)

In conclusion if you’re traveling to Vegas before 21 don’t ever think there isn’t enough activities for you to do in your vacations; there is plenty of stuff you can do and I just pointed out a few of them that I did but just like I said there are hundreds of activities for you to enjoy out there and get the best of out Vegas, so ENJOY YOUR TRIP and BON VOYAGE.


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